Homemade bbq butters

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butter churner

Silver mushroom sell this lovely Kilner butter churner for £21.99, providing an easy and stylish way for anyone to make their own butter at home. Isn’t it cute?

They’re suggesting that making your own flavoured butters is an ideal way to personalize your barbecues this summer. It would certainly be a talking point!

Churning your own butter this way only takes a few minutes, and according to The Self-Sufficiency Bible by Simon Dawson, you’ll get about 225g/8oz butter from 300ml cream (plus buttermilk that you can use in other recipes). It’s a simple matter of churning until it solidifies, draining off the buttermilk and then washing (yes!) the remaining buttermilk out of your butter. Then it’s time to add your chosen flavourings.

To get us started, Silver Mushroom have provided some easy recipes to add a personal touch to barbecues:

Garlic & parsley butter:

garlic harvest

Add cold, roasted garlic and torn parsley leaves. You could use raw garlic for a stronger flavour, but roasted garlic gives a smoother, velvety taste.

[I wonder what it would be like with the fermented, black garlic?]

Use to coat mushrooms and other vegetables, and you’ll create vegetarian options that even the carnivores will love.

(Garlic-planting season is coming up in the autumn. If you fancy having homegrown garlic next year, check out how to grow garlic on my gardening blog 🙂

Sweet chilli butter:

garlic harvest

In a pestle and mortar (or a food processor if you’re in a hurry), grind chilli flakes, garlic and sugar into a fine powder, then blend with your fresh butter.

Brush over chicken legs and thighs. The sugar will caramelise as the chicken cooks.

Cinnamon butter:

For dessert, add a touch of icing sugar and a sprinkling of cinnamon to your homemade butter and serve with tear-and-share sweet breads for a really sweet treat to wind up the meal.

Do you make your own flavoured butters? What’s your favourite mix?

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