A new frontier in outdoor cooking

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Frontier stove

Things have been a bit quiet here of late, as we have been working on the garden rather than enjoying it – it was time for the new sheds (yes, there’s more than one!) to arrive, and they had to be painted and assembled. Now that they’re here, we have more storage space, which meant we could order a new toy, something I’d been longing for since we saw one at the Eden Project in spring.

This is something a little bit special, a Frontier Stove from Anevay. They were originally designed for humanitarian use, a portable stove that packs up small for delivery and storage, can be used for cooking and heating and has a chimney so that the people who use it can breathe clean air. It developed a bit of a cult following, and is going from strength to strength.

The stove is easily assembled, although the chimney is massive and the last piece is higher than I can reach. I stood on the arbour to put it on this time:

Frontier stove - tall chimney

Since we’re only intending to use it outside, we’ll probably miss off the top piece in the future. A few bits of kindling and a couple of fuel logs later, and we’re ready to start cooking. Since we were not familiar with the stove, we decided to start simple and heat up some soups I had been given to review.

Things are heating up...

They were slow to heat up to begin with, and after checking the fire we discovered it was only burning nicely in the centre and the two ends of the stove were cold. No problem – we pushed in some more kindling, and it was soon ablaze and the soups were boiling!

Served up in the garden, with some bread rolls I baked inside earlier on, we had a tasty lunch. There wasn’t much left after the three of us had tucked in.


These were three organic soups from Amy’s Kitchen, suitable for me because they’re also vegan and contain no dairy ingredients (I have a cow’s milk intolerance). To be honest I didn’t have high expectations – I find shop-bought soups (the ones I can eat, anyway) to be very disappointing, usually containing so much pepper that my mouth is numb before I’m halfway through. During a recent bought of flu I tried a couple of Heinz varieties, and aside from the pepper they were tasteless and had an oddly gelatinous texture. Yuk.

But… the Amy’s Kitchen soups were very nice. My companions are meat fiends, and even they liked them! The lentil and split pea soups were gobbled up; we were less keen on the French country vegetable. There are other flavours to try, and I’m planning on buying some more and taking them to work for a change from sandwiches for lunch – although there I have to rely on a microwave, rather than this new and exciting way of cooking 🙂

Organic soups

Amy’s Kitchen soups are available from Ocado for £1.70 a can (currently on a ‘buy one get a second half price’ offer). Ocado deliver our shopping every week, but for details on other stockists you can visit the Amy’s Kitchen website.

There was plenty of life left in the fire, so we made a cup of tea to round off our lunch. But more on that in the next post 🙂

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