Frontier stove + Kelly Kettle = win!

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Kelly Kettle on the Frontier Stove

Following on from our first foray into cooking on the new frontier stove, we found we had plenty of heat left in the fire and decided to make a cup of tea. There is an attachment you can buy (although it’s not readily available at the moment, and costs around £100) to turn the stove chimney into a water heater. That would keep the flat of the stove free for cooking while you heat the water. But there’s also a metal plate you can remove to give a pan or a kettle direct access to the fire.

We don’t currently have a hob kettle, but we do have the Kelly Kettle, which is a self-contained unit that normally sits above its own fire bowl. So we thought we’d try it directly on the stove, and see what happened. And it fits over the open area perfectly and works a treat!

The guys were happy with builder’s tea, but I thought this would be the perfect time to try out one of the tea products I had been sent to review, an organic caramel rooibos from Kromland Farm.

Caramel rooibos tea

Rooibos is a South African plant, Aspalathus linearis, also known as redbush. It makes a caffeine-free tea (technically a tisane) that is much closer to regular tea (made from Camellia sinensis) than most herbal teas. I have drunk a lot of it in the past, but in recent times I’d gone off it a bit. The advantage (to me) of rooibos is that you can drink it without adding milk.

I wasn’t expecting this cup to be anything special, really, but in actual fact it was lush. This particular tea has an added (all natural) caramel flavour, and it’s truly delicious. I’m going to take it to work, so that I can have a tasty cup of tea without having to schlep my goat’s milk along with me every day. I also have a packet of the vanilla version I need to try….

There are other flavours in the range, including a plain rooibos and an Earl Grey. If you’d like to try some it looks like you have to order direct from Kromland Farm’s webshop, where a box of 40 tea bags is priced at £2.49 (or you can plump for 15 ‘teapees’ at £3.99).

Are you a rooibos fan?

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