Sunday brunch and Ombar chocolate

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Getting ready for brunch

It was chilly in the garden last Sunday, but that didn’t stop us from going outside. Ryan was tinkering in his shed, and I was working in the garden – harvesting my cool chillies and generally starting the big autumn tidy up.

Ryan lit the Frontier stove, and we rewarded ourselves for our hard work with a delicious brunch, with meat sourced from the local farm shop.

We’re still getting the hang of the Frontier stove, and it takes longer to warm up to cooking heat than we think it will, but once it does it cooks very nicely. We tucked into bacon and sausages, and a couple of slices of black pudding:

Lunch is almost ready!

For pudding we had some Ombar chocolate bars to try out:

Ombar chocolates

We were actually given half a dozen different flavours to try out – these two were the only ones that lasted long enough to have their photo taken 😉 We took a couple to the cinema when we went to see The Martian; the final chunks were eaten when we were out and about gleaning yesterday.

Ryan really enjoyed the goji berry flavour. I preferred the Coco Mylk, which I felt had an edge over the Coconut 60%, even though I don’t normally enjoy dairy-free ‘milk’ chocolates.

Ombar chocolate is nice and creamy, with a good bite without being too hard. And it’s organic raw chocolate, so you can feel virtuous about eating chocolate 😉 Have you tried it?

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