Mojito slushie

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Ryan and I found ourselves in Tesco recently, which doesn’t happen very often these days. When we do end up in a supermarket we like to have a look and see what’s new and different that we might like to try. On this particular occasion Ryan took a fancy to their ready mixed mojito.

We chilled it down and tried it… and were woefully unimpressed. It was painfully sweet, not very minty and a bit on the sharp side. I’m not a cocktail expert, by any means, but it didn’t come close to what I thought a mojito should be. (Which may be why Tesco say they’re not longer selling it!).

As you know, we try to avoid food waste in this house, and that goes for drinks waste as well. Since neither of us really felt like drinking the rest of the bottle (even Ryan, who has far more of a sweet tooth than I do), we decided to use it as an experiment, and see whether we could use the ice cream maker to turn it into an alcoholic slushie.

It worked, as you can see from the picture. After 40 mins or so in the ice cream machine, our ready mixed mojito turned into a soft slushie we could eat with a spoon. It tasted slightly less sweet and slightly more minty when frozen, but still didn’t persuade us it would be worth buying another bottle.

But it served its purpose as a proof of concept, and sets up a whole range of intriguing possibilities for summer drinks/ dessert crossovers. Watch this space!

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