Graze Deconstructed: Brooklyn Bites

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I have been neglecting my Graze snacks of late, and eating too many crisps instead, so I need to get back onto the healthy snack wagon!

It has to be said that Brooklyn Bites isn’t one of my favourites. Whilst Ryan really loves pretzels, I can’t get excited about them. Eating pumpkin seeds is a bit finicky – which in some ways is great because it means your snack lasts longer – and I do feel virtuous when I’ve eaten them, since they are very healthy. However, I do feel I need to be rewarded with something a bit tastier than pretzels!

Brooklyn Bites Graze box

The cheese cashews are the best bit of this Graze box, but they appear in several different recipes that I like much better – The Cheese Board, Smoky Hot Dog & Tomato and Basil Pizza, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out now that I have consigned Brooklyn Bites to my ‘Bin’ list 🙂

Occasionally I do go through my Bin list and see whether I’m in the mood to try some things again – and new snacks do sometimes start on the ‘Do Not Send’ list if Graze don’t think they’re for everybody, so it’s worth checking you’re not missing out on something tasty! If you’d like to try Graze boxes for yourself then you can get your first, fifth and tenth boxes free if you sign up using my reward code (EMMAC663U). In return they’ll give me a £1 off my next box, so it’s a win-win situation 🙂

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