Graze Deconstructed: The Cheese Board

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In my last Graze Deconstructed post I talked about a box I didn’t particularly enjoy, but mentioned that the cheese cashews were the best bit. And – lo and behold! – The Cheese Board was included in my next delivery.

It’s a good job you can’t watch me eating these things, because this time you would have seen me licking the cheesy crumbs out of the box when I’d eaten all of the rest.

Graze Cheese Board box

The Cheese Board is pretty cheesy – it’s the best part of eating a packet of cheese-flavoured crisps, without the inherent guilt of tucking into such a naughty snack. The Cheese Board contains cheddar bruschetta and baked herb bites as well as the cheese-flavoured cashews, and yet comes in at under 150 calories.

So this one is on my ‘Love’ list 🙂

(One of the nice things about Graze is that you can tailor your choices – you can remove any boxes that contain things you can’t or won’t eat. New recipes are generally added to your ‘try’ list, although sometimes they’re added to ‘Do Not Send’ if they contain problematic ingredients (i.e. they’re very spicy, or contain meat), so it pays to check back occasionally and see what you’re not being sent to see if you would like it!)

If you’d like to try Graze boxes for yourself then you can get your first, fifth and tenth boxes free if you sign up using my reward code (EMMAC663U). In return they’ll give me a £1 off my next box, so it’s a win-win situation 🙂

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