Jim Jams chocolate chip cupcakes

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Over the summer I was sent two jars of Jim Jams chocolate spread to try – one jar of Milk Chocolate spread, and one of Hazelnut Chocolate spread. Their selling point is that they contain 83% less sugar than other chocolate spread brands, and yet still taste yummy. We can certainly vouch for their yumminess, as the milk chocolate spread quickly disappeared. It got spread on everything, and when we ran out of things to spread it on Ryan resorted to eating it out of the jar with a spoon.

I was determined to do something a little bit more classy with the Hazelnut Chocolate spread, and a quick Womble through the cupboards turned up a cake mix that had passed its ‘best before’ date and needing eating.

One of the things that Ryan brought to our relationship was a little electric mixer – the kind with a pair of whisk attachments. It makes short work of cake mixes (and whipping cream), and it’s a revelation. I hadn’t used one since I was a kid, and now I can’t imagine life without it. Ryan used to use cake mixes when he lived on his own; I’d rather start from scratch with fresh ingredients, but they are handy.

Anyway, I also found an unopened container of chocolate chunks, so I decided to make chocolate chip cupcakes with Jim Jams hazelnut chocolate frosting.

Chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate spread frosting

As you can see, the end result looked delicious! The chocolate spread topping was the best part, followed by the chocolate chunks. The cake mix probably was past its best, but next time we’ll make these up from scratch for something a bit tastier. But as a proof-of-concept they worked very nicely – Jim Jams chocolate spread makes a great frosting!

My only slight concern with Jim Jams is that it does contain some palm oil, and it’s impossible to know how sustainably sourced that might be. So Jim Jams is better for you, but might not be better for orang utans 🙁

Jim Jams spread are widely available from supermarkets. At Ocado, for example, they are currently on sale for £2.59. The Jim Jams range also includes several flavours of reduced-sugar jam – find out more on the Jim Jams website.

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