Graze Deconstructed: Chia & coconut cookie

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I haven’t been snacking much of late. I have been working very hard to finish my latest book – The Small Harvest Notebook. It’s a book about kitchen gardening with a different mindset, aiming for interest and diversity rather than gargantuan harvests of anything in particular. It’s aimed at the increasing number of people who have small gardens and small houses and want regular small harvests rather than gluts, and for whom the garden has to be a multipurpose space.

Anyway, working on that I’ve had my head down and I’ve been skipping both Elevenses and Afternoon Tea, which is clearly a state of affairs that cannot be allowed to continue. And so I have let Graze tempt me with their new supersnacks range, which contain exciting ingredients that any self-respecting ethnobotanist would want to munch on.

Today’s treat was the chia and coconut cookie with Graze’s afternoon infusion. I didn’t ruin the effect by having it for Elevenses – it tasted just fine 🙂 The tea is a slightly fruitier blend than I’m used to, and made a nice change. The cookies are lovely, buttery things that are just delightful. A sneaky dunk makes them a little bit chewier, and still nice, but I preferred them dry and crunchy. There’s a mild taste of coconut, and the chia seeds aren’t in your face either.

All-in-all a lovely Graze box, and one I have added to my ‘Love’ list, so it’s one I will be having again. Who knows, with fuel like this I might even finish the book on time!

If you’d like to try Graze boxes for yourself then you can get your first, fifth and tenth boxes free if you sign up using my reward code (EMMAC663U). In return they’ll give me a £1 off my next box, so it’s a win-win situation 🙂

Graze Chia Coconut Cookies

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