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When I was younger, I used to be a fan of cream cakes – especially chocolate eclairs and those cream-filled meringues. As I got older I moved onto cream teas, preferably with clotted cream. When my body decided it no longer wanted to digest cow’s milk, I kissed all of those things goodbye.

In recent years I have been able to source goat’s cream via Ocado (or Waitrose, if I’m near a shop). I’ve always used it as a pouring cream as a treat, or occasionally as a cooking ingredient. Over the summer, I decided to see whether it worked as whipped cream. With a sprinkle of sugar and a couple of minutes with the hand blender, I discovered that it can. The only thing to do, therefore, was to produce my very own cow-free cream tea!

It had been years since I made scones, but we whipped together a batch using the BBC scone recipe, using goat’s milk in place of the cow’s milk. It is possible to get goat’s butter, and I have done so in the past, but these days I use regular butter and it doesn’t cause me any problems. So I guess it’s not entirely cow-free, but it would be easy enough to make it so.

The result was divine:

A cow-free cream tea

Ryan loves scones, but hates cream – he prefers his with just a smear of butter. So the jam and cream was just for me, and it was heavenly. A real treat.

I made another batch at Christmas, as there was goat cream in the fridge that was past its use by date. Since it was Christmas, we polished all of the scones off in short order, and then regretted eating too much 🙂

The internet suggests that it’s possible to whip coconut cream, which is lovely, so I need to give that a try one day. Up until recently I was using oat cream as my dairy-free alternative to cream, both for cooking and pouring, but I am moving towards coconut cream as – quite frankly – it’s much nicer.

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  1. Nic Wilson says:

    These look like an indulgent treat. Who says free-from diets of any kind can’t include beautiful homemade food? In fact, it can inspire, rather than stifle, creativity. Happy eating ☺

    • Emma says:

      I very rarely feel like I’m missing out, but it was very nice to be indulgent! And so easy to do, so I have a new recipe in my arsenal 🙂 You gave me the push to do it, Nic, so thanks for that!


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