Advertising FAQ

This is a new lifestyle blog, with a specific focus – outdoor cooking, food and drink. (If you’re more focused on gardening and horticulture, please have a look at my long-standing gardening blog at

We do not accept banner ads, nor will we advertise off-topic products (e.g. weight-loss or financial products).

We do accept relevant products for review (including, but not limited to: food products, cooking equipment, edible plants and books). Whilst we attempt to review all products we are sent, our acceptance of a product does not guarantee a review. Nor does it guarantee a positive review, as we retain editorial control and voice our own opinions.

We do not accept commercial guest posts for this blog, as we cannot guarantee the quality of the post.

We do accept native advertising, including inserting links into exiting posts, or writing sponsored blog posts on the topic of your choice. Sponsored content will be identified as such (the manner in which it is identified can be discussed), which is a legal and moral requirement.

If you’re happy with these terms then please email Emma to discuss your requirements and our rates. We can also produce content for use elsewhere – get in touch if you’d like to hire us.

(The bbq image used on this page is a cut-down version of a 1940s coffee advert, posted on Flickr by Classic Film.)

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